Welcome to our online learning resources library.

We've compiled a list of resources and links to regularly used sites so you can access them all from one place. If you have any suggestions for good resources please email sbm@corpuschristi.lambeth.sch.uk.

This list is intended to complement the work that teachers will be emailing out after Easter.  We know this has been a challenging adjustment period and we hope that the children will enjoy accessing and working through the activities, it is also important that children take part in some form of physical activity, reading and some creative work at home which could include helping you prepare meals, creating some art or playing board games.


Key Stage  Subject Area Link 
All Maths https://login.mathletics.com/
All English  https://login.spellodrome.com/
All Maths https://ttrockstars.com/page/covid19support
All All

TES Portal 


Twinkl Portal  Use the code 


KS2 All BBC Education -Twinkl portal 
KS1 & KS2 Activities  BookLife Free Resources 
KS1 &KS2 All Espresso 
KS1 & KS2 Maths Natwest Money Sense, fun maths activities
All Physical  Change 4 Life, fun activities and sports
All All BBC Bitezise
All PE P.E with Joe


Remote Learning Questionnaire Feedback 

We Recently sought parents views on the remote learning provision at Corpus.  The results can be found below, we were delighted to have got such a great response from parents and the feedback is very valuable fo us to continue learning and improving how we do this in the future.

Please click to view in whole screen.



Remote Education Provision 

Remote Learning

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