Pupil survey 2016-17

This year where we used online technology to survey children’s experiences of Corpus Christi School.

The survey was carried out in July 2015. The children completed an anonymous online survey in the ICT suite or on IPads in the classroom.

All year groups from Years 2 to 6 were surveyed.


The main findings were:

  • 97% of children enjoy coming to school
  • children feel safe at school and the vast majority find their lessons interesting
  • children feel overwhelmingly that adults listen to their ideas and that adults treat them fairly
  • Almost all the children felt that behaviour at Corpus Christi School was at least good
  • Over 90% of children know how well they are doing at school
  • educational visits and residential trips were greatly appreciated by the children and was something that all children liked about their school
  • 90% of children were positive in relation to school dinners which is a significant improvement on the previous survey.
  • After school activities are greatly enjoyed by children of all ages

The Future

We will continue our efforts of involving the children in school meals provision and build on the improvements made over the last two years. We will continue our commitment to off-site learning and residential trips which greatly enrich the curriculum. We will look at ways to involve the children in formulating activities and trips carried out in different classes. The school will look at ways to increase the number and breadth of extra-curricular activities on offer to children and extend opportunities for the children to take part in competitive sports.

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