What do we do?

In Year 2 pupils we are all members of the school Green Team. Mrs Powell our Phase Group Leader and Ms Martin, our school Eco - Champion help us to achieve our goals.


Mrs Powell

Infant Phase Group Leader
Green Team Lead Teacher

Ms Martin

Eco - Council Lead Teacher


We share the responsibilities equally and each month, children from a different

school house are on 'Green Team Duty'.





We are so excited to be trusted with this responsibility and wear our badges with pride. We are learning about the importance our actions can have on our school and local surroundings and that every little task can have an impact on helping to look after our beautiful planet that God created.  

After looking at the results of the Eco-Review we decided on three areas to focus on improving in school: Healthy Living, Waste and Energy. So far we have written a Green Team action plan for the year and we are working towards our Eco - Award, we are nearly there!

We also do Green detective work around the school and have organised a whole school art and recycling project - turning our rubbish into something beautiful.


In March this year, we loved having an assembly and visit from Lord Deben - Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change. He taught us about renewable energy and small things that we can all do to make a difference to our planet.

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